This workshop will take place on 5 June 2020, in Tirana. The main goal of this call is to promote
innovative astronomy teacher training events, following the criteria established for the OAS,
with a special focus on practical astronomy. It is expected that this workshop will enable to
develop our knowledge of how to teach astronomy in an exciting and engaging way and we will
have the chance to enhance our confidence and skills in the astronomical concepts required to
teach junior high school or primary science. The workshop sessions will cover a range of topics
on astronomical objects and techniques.
An important part of the workshop is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and
promote lifelong learning opportunities for all and achieve gender equality and empower all
women and girls in astronomy science.

Workshop sessions will be varied and provide you with opportunities to:
 "hands-on" activities you can take back to the classroom,
 incorporate the latest research in astronomy education in your teaching,
 learn how to run a viewing night for your students and find your way around the night sky using the unaided eye and small optical telescopes (weather permitting),
 use powerful visualization and other free software tools and learn how to incorporate them in your classes.


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